Deport That Swedish Brat!

I have not included a photo of Greta Thunberg, the Swede-Brat, simply because I find her slightly cretinous fizzog annoying, such a contrast to that bright little Afghan Malala.

One almost expects Gormless Greta to start dribbling.

But much MORE annoying is that the arrogant minx has stormed into London to incite lawlessness…




…urging Brit kids to go truant, quit classrooms and join the campaign’ waged by the anti-social louts and loutesses of  ‘Extinction Rebellion.’

Attendance at school is a legal obligation in Britain.  To incite disregard of any legal obligation is unacceptable, ESPECIALLY when the incitement is committed by a non-British brat with a bloated ego.



She should be deported.

She is the archetypal undesirable alien.


Far from  it.

Instead she is, incredibly, being feted by the most powerful of the political ruling class, not, mark you, just by the likeliest culprits, like Comrade Corbyn and the Green Party, but by the ‘Conservative’ Environment Secretary, Michael Gove.




The obnoxious tyke has no respect for her own country’s laws, but that’s  Sweden’s problem.

The UK political establishment’s fawning, supine  response to her insolence is simply grotesque.

PS – before anyone asks, I was an activist when I was 16 years old.

I heckled a deputy PM at his own party’s May Day rally, I took part in debates, I showed up at my parliamentary candidate’s election meeting to challenge party policy – but I did not incite other teens, or anyone, to  disobey the law of the land.