One Word For Oxymoron Europhiliac Dorrell – “Wensum!” Look It Up!

Stephen Dorrell, former Tory minister, has declared himself a convert to Shrill Soubry’s cabal of Fourth Reich fans.

An oxymoron is the best way to describe how Dorrell The Drip defines himself.

If you’re not sure what an oxymoron is, it’s two words that cancel each other out in terms of meaning, e.g. the living dead. Or in his case –

A liberal conservative!”

A better description might be ignoramus, viz.  his laughable bracketing of Churchill and Heath as –

both passionate advocates of the importance of recognising our common interests in Europe.’.




That is grossly offensive to Churchill, who made it abundantly plain that his country would be a friend to Europe but would not be any political part of any “European Project.”

Heath the Homo, in contrast, disgraced himself..



….with lies about sovereignty which, as much as his shadow-life as a sexual aberrant, consign him to history as a vile and villainous figure.

But if you really want to get the measure of the man Dorrell, you only need one word.


Wikipedia is a start, but just put Wensom and Dorrell into Google Search together and you’ll see what I’m on about!