Ex-BBC Hack Esler, Anguished By ‘Lies,’ Signs Up With Soubry’s Gang!

And, lo, as Soubry’s Subversives gather new adherents to their little gang, who should we see surfacing but the ‘former BBC correspondent Gavin Esler…’


BBC EU flag


…whose motivation, we read, is his vexation at the “cheating and lies…” of patriotic Brits campaigning for Brexit.


Obviously not satisfied with his rise and rise to academic glory, which we wrote about some months ago..

The Exaltation Of A BBC Bigot! 

…whilst reflecting on his engrained, deliberate bias, his weasel words, so flagrantly dishonest…


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Dateline’s Extremist Esler

‘We DO Try To Get Trump Supporters On Our Show’ -BBC 


…which I have quoted often enough in my regular efforts to expose, and get something done about, the BBC’s propaganda programme called Dateline.

Clearly, when he made that mendacious claim, Esler could easily have found Trump supporters for Dateline, yet no effort had been made to invite any such non-left participants.

But who’d expect fair play from a Clinton ass-wipe?




As far back as 2007, this far-left poser was exposed as the cowardly ‘unnamed BBC news presenter’ who penned a piece in the Daily Mirror, “Why the World Needs Hillary”-

bbc propag….


Just check out his wikipedia entry for further info on that little episode!

Horrifying now to read that he blames the allegedly dishonest approach of his opponents!

Soubry is welcome to such a man, whom I previouslyfinal is to learn that Esler, a man with a mind as closed as an angry clam