Make My May Day, Theresa Traitrix! Resign!

May Day is a holiday here in Indonesia, and why not?

It is a great shame the traditional English celebration was hijacked by marxists and turned into a festival of tyranny by reds.

At least in the West, apart from poor still-enslaved Cuba, Communist Parties got overthrown…




….though ‘twas a pity more of their despots never shared Ceausescu’s fate.

However, that thought brings me to another leader who is still hanging around like a bad smell.

‘May’ has recently acquired unfortunate connotations, thanks to the treasonous old bat in Downing Street.

I will be en route to another island when this is published, a short break with friends, so have no way of knowing if Theresa the Traitrix might have done the decent thing by the time I’m back in touch again.

Never mind.

Fingers crossed