Bali Taxis -Still Not Taught A Needful Lesson?

I was down in Bali for a short break and as ever I enjoyed the time I spent there.

Sadly, the local taxi drivers, or at least a lot of them, have still not been cuffed and collared, which they badly need to be.



Having got settled into my modest hotel in Tuban, which is about a 25 minute walk from the airport, back I went later to await the international arrival of those whose company would complete my enjoyment of my stay.

Taking enough time to check out the facilities of the International Arrivals Terminal, I located the ‘’Official Bali Airport Taxi’ spot, which gleefully announced ‘minimum fare Rp.100,000’ which is an outrage.


Ngurah Rai International Airport 3


The proper fare to anywhere in Tuban should be under Rp.40,000. If you pick up a Bluebird on the public highway, you can expect a fair fare.

I had earlier got there for Rp.60,000, after beating down a wandering ‘cabbie’ not far from the ‘Spot,’ as I was weary from my flight and couldn’t be bothered to walk out of the airport territory.

Yet when I asked one of the avaricious idlers at the ‘Spot,’ he smilingly offered a ‘deal’ for Rp.150,000.


These people should be kicked out of the airport precinct. They are a disgrace to Bali, and to Indonesia.