Police State Britannia!


Whatever happened to the old offence of ‘wasting police time?’

I’m moved once more to ask that sadly perennial question after reading the news about a UKIP candidate who found himself be interrogated by the local gestapo about a ‘hate crime!’

All the man had done was discuss the origin of the word ‘wog.’ You may have seen what he wrote or check it via the link…


…but it sounds like he had  done hisresearch, and he didn’t call anyone a ‘wog.’

Calling people names was never an offence,no mater how offensive, but nowadays all it takes is for some uptight whiner to get his or her knickers in a twist and go crying to the cops.

If the candidate had committed, or threatened to commit, violence, arson, vandalism or some real crime, then of course the police should be talking to him.

But he didn’t do any such thing.

Read the report again and that’s clear.



So why were local constabulary set on him?

‘Hate crime’ is a nonsense.

If those police, or rather the senior officers who instigated the intimidatory intrusion on his right to free speech, had an ounce of sense, or reponsibility, they’d have hauled in the pinko puke who reported him. Wasting police time, especially when done for political malice,IS a serious offence.

The sooner leftist trouble-makers of that sort are arrested and given salutory sentences, the better.