Shock News – Brits MUST Abandon Brexit Now!

A shocking report has undoubtedly just made millions of Brits rethink their arrogant aspiration to reclaim UK sovereignty.

Britain leaving the EU could make the country less appealing to international performers, one of the world’s leading jazz musicians has said.


After reading the full story ( yes, of course it’s in the Guardian!) I felt it my clear duty to explain to my numerous readers in The Old Country that their Brexit dream is surely dead and must surely be buried unceremoniously.


Kamasi Washington (2015).jpg

Kamasi Washington

After all, who in the corridors of Westminster power can ignore Kamasi Washington, whose album The Epic and his work with Kendrick Lamar made him a poster boy of the jazz revival?’

My own immediate reaction was ‘who the flip is this American?’

True, his opinion is probably worth more in terms of honourable intent than that of the offensive comic-singer Obummer, who issued similar dire warnings two years ago…


Remember Obama’s Brexit Rant? 

…but reading on, it seems – amazingly enough – that it’s just another example of the rotten media twisting everything it touches to serve its supranational left-liberal agenda!

Although KW is what the Guardian would doubtless regard as acceptable, spitting out a little gobbet of anti-Trump bile, Brexit was probably not the first thing a jazz musician would think about when asked to discuss his concert tour.

So one must wonder if the hackette who interviewed Mr. Washington was ordered to push the issue…


Image result for cameron osborne johnson cartoon project fear..Project Fear 2016 – it didn’t work then either!


…to get her Europhiliac bosses the headline they needed for their daily dose of Project Fear.

But then, Guardian hackettes would not enjoy their lush salaries were they not committed to supranationalism.

Project Fear 2019 has been on the rise for some time…

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…and is not likely to stop till democracy is downed.

What more terrifying a prospect, than that the Sceptred Isle might no longer be ‘an inviting idea to musicians?’

Being incredibly close to rivalling Methuselah…




…I can recall going to concerts held pre-EUSSR, in UK cities at which the late great Johnny Cash sang, and my friends whose tastes were non-country also enjoyed overseas artists, when they could afford it.

So fear should not paralyse afficionados of any music genre, despite what Kamasi says about ‘Europe and the ease of travelling from one country to the next. That is part of what makes touring possible for lots of artists.”

But he also ‘also praised the UK music scene, saying Britain was one of the “leading countries in terms of jazz at the moment..”

Good artists, serious artists, hungry and enterprising young artists too, who appreciate the fans who appreciate them, or want to win new fans, will OF COURSE not abhor British audiences.

Nobody’s talking East German-style mine-fields.

GB is not North Korea.

Before Homo Heath dragged Britain into the embryonic Brussels Empire, crowds of people, like my hitch-hiking teen self, went back and forth across the Channel. Law-abiding folks got their passports stamped no bother at all.

And The Guardian’s manipulation of what ought to have been an interview about KW’s music is just another disgraceful example of playing up ANYTHING the media Remainer rats imagine might frazzle the nerves of the unthinking.