My Indonesian Island Break? Here You Are!

Some of you were kind enough to ask about the short island-hopping holiday which I took last week…


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….so here are a few pictures to entertain you.



Komodo Island at day-break – I was the only non-Indonesian in our sea-faring gang, so it was up at dawn every day, not my usual life-style by any means, but there is a certain magic to the sunrise.  .


The fisherfolk on Komodo Island live close to the source of their livelihood, but up in the hills, behind them, there are potential Guardian journalists prowling!


Komodo dragon


Actually, all the islands we visited were a joy.

Here’s the view from our hotel balcony in Labuan Bajo, which is not a big city, and in fact reminded me strongly of Bali’s Kuta several decades ago.

Surfer shops, loads of little cafes, a two-story bar with blaring music, and cheap little hostel-type places to stay all over the place.



Highly recommended as a destination, whence ships both large and small will take you near and far!


Related image


This ship was not the one we sailed on, but resembles ours, on which the crew caught and served fresh fish every day!

I tried my hand with the fishing line, but the denizens of the deep showed themselves to be xenophobic and refused to let me catch them!

Now I’m back in Jakarta, looking like a boiled lobster. The weather was brilliant there and it’s not much different here!