One Blunder Should Not Be Held Against Brexit Party!

More than a few readers have urged me to condemn Nigel Farage’s choice of a woman with a noisome political record as a Brexit Party candidate.

I refer of course to the sometime Revolutionary Communist Group fanatic Claire Fox who is standing in North West England.

Socialists can be good patriots, so long as they are not into globalism. Economic policy can be argued back and forth between people of goodwill.


Even communists can repent of their evil internationalist ideology and serve their country’s cause – just think of Imre Nagy, martyred in 1956 by the Reds in Hungary.

But that woman openly sided with the most venomous vermin…



…when she failed to condemn unequivocally the vermin of Sinn Fein/IRA!

No way in the world would I EVER cast a vote for such a tainted candidate.

And well done to the Brexit Party lady who refuses to put up with such a ‘comrade!’

Yet patriots up there have no need to do so.


There are UKIP names on the ballot paper.

And others, like the English Democrats…


.Image result for european elections english democrats


AND there’s Tommy Robinson, who is far from perfect, but whose eruption as an MEP into the Strasbourg Slug den holds great promise in terms of affronting Europhiliac fanatics like Ghastly Guy.

Harassment by Antifa Red Nazis, unhindered by PC police, may just be what TR needs to win.

Not only that, but in view of the far-left anti-social media gang’s outrageous interference in British politics….



…it seems a not bad idea at all to send the Twitter censors a message!