State Media, As Bad In Estonia!?! is trumpeting a note of panic, with its story of how Estonia ‘joins the far right’ which in normal-speak simply means it has ministers from a patriot party, EKRE, that we have covered before.

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EKRE OK! Media Bigot Snarls, As Estonian Patriots Surge! 

But one paragraph reminds us how left-propagandists manage to infiltrate the tax-funded media everywhere.

Last week, two journalists — one at Postimees, Estonia’s largest newspaper, and the other with the country’s public radio broadcaster — said they were told by management to tone down their criticism of the far-right party now that it’s in government. 

Postimees’ I know nothing about, but if it’s privately owned, how they handle their hacks is up to them.

But how about that ‘public radio broadcaster?

State media gets its money from the tax-payers’ pockets. No way should their flunkeys be inserting their bias into any programme, to be ‘toned down’ or whatever.

If this ‘journo’ was slanting coverage or sniping at the EKRE patriots, he should have long since been told to take a hike.

There are non-publicly-funded left-liberal media in Estonia where his prejudices can find a home, for sure. His snout needs slapped out of the tax-trough.