EU ‘Veto?’ Brussels Flouts Its Own Fundamental Principles!

It‘s not unusual for the EUSSR to try to bulldoze its subject states’ sovereignty…

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..but when it takes a sledge-hammer to one of its own key principles, the national veto on external policy, you’d think there’d be a widespread outcry.

Instead we have to rely on a tiny mention in the rabidly Europhiliac EUObserver, which describes how, despite the long-established unanimity rule, the Brussels Empire simply ignored Hungary’s veto on an ‘EU statement on Israel at the UN earlier this week.’

It doesn’t matter whether the’statement’ was pro- or anti-Israeli. The plain fact is that it was totally illegitimate to issue it, ‘unacceptable,’ as Magyar Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto indignantly put it.

Despite Hungary’s clear dissent, the dishonest slugs mendaciously  ‘used formulas such as “the EU says…”  – a bare-faced lie!


So much for sticking to the rules; so much for EU law; and so much for UK Remainiac rot about how a British veto exists that could be used to defend British interests if push came to shove.

You can bet that Szijjarto’s plan to complain to the unrepentant communist who bizarrely holds the Brussels external affairs portfolio will not get him very far.




Federica ‘Red Fed’ Mogherini’s documented camaraderie with Arab terrorists may mean she has an engrained prejudice against the Jewish state, but that will not matter in this situation.

Nothing outweighs the Euro-Commissars’ determination to destroy even the residual sovereign rights of nation-states. Now we know that violation of their own constitutional guarantees is a step those supranational swine will not hesitate to take.