Why Has The Thing Been Un-Caged?

I just saw the traitorous trans-freak Bradley Manning ( no, of course I won’t call IT ‘Chelsea!’) has been released after barely nine weeks behind bars – no, not ‘gay’ bars!


The Thing


The Thing was jailed for refusing to testify in a US court.

So has it earned its release by testifying?

It seems not!

A technical issue, expiry of a subpoena, is the reason.

Manning was a few years ago sentenced to many years for a heinous crime.



Obama felt sorry for it, so stepped in to unleash it, dealing a nasty blow to American justice.

However, a new subpoena is possible, and if Freako defies that, there’s a fair chance that back it will go, and one hopes so.

Though one must feel sorry for any normal law-breakers obliged to share a prison with it.



The Thing should be put re-incarcerated, for years if need be, until It’s a Tranny- Granny – until it learns its lesson!