Traitrix To Shelter Under Judge-Jerks’ Robes?

It’s like watching a bunch of lab-rats in a cage who have gone stir-crazy!




Top Tories on that 1922 Committee, which is meant to speak for back-bench MPs, got together and talked about changing the rule that prevents them taking another vote on The Traitrix’s survival as leader.

Adored by Liar Juncker for her sedulous supranational servility…


…she’s now seen by most of her own party as a putrescent albatross around their collective neck.

The 1922 ninnies bottled out, but if they had wanted to, surely they’d have the right to change their own rules?


Aaah, but that would be democratic!

And we know in what contempt Tories hold democracy.

We just read a few days ago that the slimy Remainer, Dominic Grieve MP, who lost the vote at his local constituency’s meeting and so should be OUT…

Tory Axe Hovers Over Democratic Deselection! 

Tory Democracy? Kidding, Right? Tory Jackboot, More Like! 

…is not out after all.

The slug didn’t have the common decency to live up to, or down to, his professed distaste for his party and step down of his own volition…



…and his gutless minions are refusing to push him.

And NOW we learn that The Traitrix is all set to pull the same kind of stunt, rather than bow to her own parliamentary party or even the imminent rank-and-file Conservative convention, where another motion to fire the bitch is due for debate.

That convention, as befits a party that uses its dues-paying members as foot-soldiers but denies them any power, cannot, by their decision, oust the ever more haggard hag.


Yet if those back-bench MPs extracted their cojones from wherever they’re secreted, and reformed the rules, then she’d be facing a red card.

Uh, no, actually, she wouldn’t, it seems.

a senior supporter of Mrs May said “any attempt” to alter the rules would be “subject to a legal challenge”, according to the Evening Standard. This means that Downing Street or a group of Tories acting on behalf of Mrs May would go to court.

What a despicable old bat!

Skulking like a scaredy-cat in among the flapping robes of un-elected wigged weasels…


…the judge-jerks who have already shown their true colours, which are most definitely not red, white and blue, for sure.

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