BBC Panders To Pinko Pukes, Fires Man Over ‘Monkey’ Joke!

Fired by the BBC!?!

I’d never heard of Danny Baker before but when I read that story I was curious. What on earth had he done, whoever he was?

Seems he’s an obscure comic, and had disrespectfully ‘celebrated’ the Royal birth by posting a picture of Prince Harry and his wife with a monkey.


Very rude, true, but it was no pack of furious monarchists who vented their spleen. It was, guess what, a pack of pinko pukes, enraged at the suggestion of ‘racism’ which they discerned in that picture.

Exactly what’s ‘racist?’

When I watch an animal documentary, or back when I took the offspring to a zoo – for example the Berlin Zoo with its hill-full of endlessly entertaining baboons – it did not even cross my mind to relate the capering apes to black people.

Only simple-minded or mean-minded people think lIke that, I suppose, though why, I do not know.

Yet all these leftists and liberals saw Baker’s mild jest as an ‘anti-black’ outburst, presumably linked  – IN THEIR MINDS – to the Duchess of Sussex’s mixed race ancestry.



Who are the real racists?

Not Baker, and not rightwingers.

What a pity he has fallen in line with the creepos and ‘apologised’ for something that should have better been shrugged off as silly incivility.