Her Majesty’s A Pretty Smart Girl – No Dinner For Rude Boy!

Ken Livingstone once had an unchallengeable claim to be the worst civic leader London ever had. I have told the story before, how I unexpectedly shared a lift with that man, among others, and remarked to one of those others –

 ‘I never thought I’d ever get this close to Red Ken!’


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The infamous lefty smiled nervously!

But I’m no Antifa thug – he went on his way unharmed!

Boris Johnson, to be fair, was fairly awful too, especially his bigoted pro-homo antics, and his discrimination against cured queers…



…when he refused to allow those who had successfully disencumbered themselves of  maladjusted sexual inclinations to put ads on London Transport balancing the nonsense message he’s pictured holding, above.

Nevertheless, the current Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, must be top of the un-pops by now, his crass rudeness, gleefully reported by far-left CNN…


… making the absurd claim that Trump isn’t ‘in the same class’ as the racist bum Obummer!

Indeed, a mayor not noted for manners.

Ladies and Gents’ No More -Sadiq Fatwa Bans Courtesy! 

Such bad manners are compounded by straying into matters that are national not municipal, discrediting his obnoxious self but also the United Kingdom’s capital.


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So how pleasing to read that, Khan having declared that ‘he didn’t believe President Donald Trump was worthy of a state banquet hosted by the Queen at Buckingham Palace…


…Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Defender of the Faith, ‘has declined to invite Khan to Trump’s state dinner!’

SNUBBED: Queen Declines To Invite London Mayor Sadiq Khan To Trump State Dinner

All together now…

God Save The Queen!