Creeps – “Good Acting” Not Enough To Earn Acting Award!

When you think about old film stars endowed with fine acting skills but notorious for vile views, I’d have thought Hanoi Jane Fonda would be a timeless example.

hanoi jane

Her traitorous posturing, which undoubtedly gave aid and comfort to the evil Communist regime…


…during the Vietnam War was and remains unforgivable.

Yet she’s not been told she’s ‘persona non grata’ nor denied tributes for her thespian talents.

She’s been getting honours year after year, instead of the leper status she deserves!

However, look what’s happening in France!

Alain Delon, a giant of the screen in the Sixties, French, of course..

….has been subjected to a barrage of abuse by (mostly American) pinko creeps because he has expressed opinions that upset them.


What verbal sins has Delon committed?

He has apparently expressed sympathy woth Marine Le Pen’s patriot party…




…and shown sensible concern about the problems caused by undesirable immigrants and  – shock horror – objected to ‘homo adoption!’

Millions in France, and the USA share his views on the migrant menace and the demerits of consigning kids to the care and control of sexual aberrants….




…but that obviously doesn’t matter if such a nightmare scenario is acceptable to Pinko Creeps.

What is simply INCREDIBLE is the bare-faced admission by said PC intolerants that acting talent is not, nor should be, what an acting award is about!

….some feminists and #MeToo activists’ have declared that “no amount of good acting can neutralise such a close-minded vision of the world. There is no place in such an important event for racists, sexists and homophobes.”



Why should an acting award not depend on acting ability rather than ideology?

One left fanatic drops the mask and justifies her rage with words that are unequivocally racist and sexist.

“Carole Raphaelle Davis, the co-founder of #MeToo France, told the Daily Beast. “Cannes should ditch the old white guy syndrome…”


Not just racist and sexist, but AGE-ist too!