Aussies Vote – BBC Chooses Sides!

Yeah, that’s BBC, not ABC.

bbc propag

Biased hands across the sea.

The UK state broadcaster had some bint from something called the ‘Australian Conservation Foundation,’ and she smugly told the global audience that PM Scott Morrison’s party just ‘made fun of Labor’s climate policies…they don’t really have any of their own…’


Which is total hogwash.

You may like or dislike Morrison’s policies on Climate Panic…




…but they do of course exist.

Yet needless to say, the BBC bint did not call out this brazen lie.

It’s worrying that many young people in Oz seem to be more anxious about all this climate stuff than about the REAL threat, that Labor…




..said to be likely to win a tiny majority, might let the ghastly Greens nudge them into relaxing crimmigrant controls in exchange for parliamentary support.