‘Free China?’ No More, As Taiwan Disses Democracy!

It was a few months,  or was it more, ago, that we heard a truly nauseating wail from some pro-homo named Suki Chung, faithfully recorded by the BBC.

The wailer was apparently with the unwholesome outfit Amnesty International.

We hope that love and equality will win,” said Chung, and that equation of ‘love’ with the facilitation of anal intercourse between two males was quite nauseating enough.

But pinkos are entitled to their perennial human right to pervert the use of the English language.

What was much worse, and much more ominous, was the rest of the quote!

“….the government must not use the result as cover to water down same-sex marriage proposals.”

The result?

That was a reference to the huge democratic exercise in Taiwan, a national referendum, on so-called ‘gay’ so-called ‘marriage.’


That little Amnesty bleat was a declaration of war on democracy!

Taiwan’s distinctive glory is its democratic essence, unlike the Chinese mainland, where a tiny minority….

communism tyranny

…the Communist Party, claims a monopoly of power.

Taiwan was different, or was, until a clique of activist judges on the island state’s high court took issue with one of the moral certainties that underpin Chinese civilisation everywhere.

Those arrogant judges ORDERED the elected government to impose homo-weddings, regardless of the people’s will.

The referendum was the people’s response, an act of self-defence against decadence.




And once the votes were in, and the people had rejected the subversive scheme, we saw no sign of what we once described as ‘Free China…’


….but instead a lousy legislature clearly tainted by cultural marxism.

Taiwan’s Parliament this week delighted a mob of shrills, hollering with glee, as democracy was dissed and homo menages put on parity of esteem with real marriage.

No more ‘Free China,’ as the clear verdict of the nation, expressed in a free and fair vote, has been scorned.

End of story?

We must hope not, for the duty of elected representatives…


…. is NOT to bow to robed upstarts with no democratic mandate, but to the PEOPLE, who said NO to legitimising perversion