Please Read My Blog – Be ‘Subconsciously Manipulated!’

Some people have suggested I don’t always exhibit subtlety in my blog, citing my delight in using terms like ‘pinko creep’ and ‘filthy savages.’



Guilty, Your Honour!

In defence, or mitigation, I might plead ‘veritas,’ the legal argument that what I say is true.

Or I could simply say ‘tit-for-tat.’

Since patriots in every land are daily insulted with defamatory jibes about how they are ‘far-right,’ or ‘phobes’ of one brand or another, why not retaliate?

Goose-Gander, yeah?

But other Brexit fans are being accused of intolerably subtle offences.

And by an ‘academic,’ no less!

….the voters were ‘subconsciously manipulated’ by the party’s logo.


Image result for brexit party logo



By God, those Brexiteers are devilish clever!

And Brainy Bentall is going to report the blighters!

He has written to the Electoral Commission to complain.

Smart move, Brainy.

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That Commission is stuffed with biased anti-Brexit bigots…

  •  …four of the commissioners, including the chairman, had made pronouncements on Brexit since the referendum – all of them backing Remain.

  • …so who knows what bizarre ruling they might make!

  • However, my point in writing about this is the sheer contempt in which ordinary normal Brits are held by ‘intellectuals’ – as if when we walk into the polling booth, we are so dim-witted that we don’t know who we want to vote for…

  • =
  • =
  • …or, if we are still making up our minds, a design on the ballot paper wll make up our minds for us.

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  • What’s the odds that, once the good Brexit Party guys and gals win success at this election, the Enemy Within will restart their post-referendum shrilling about how the man in the street and his wife were too stupid to understand what they were voting for, but that elitists will ‘up the ante’ with calls for a review of the right to vote!

  • All those who reach retirement age will have their names removed from the electoral rolls….or worse…..

    CELEBRATION of old people dying – Daily Express › News › UK  Jan 18, 2019

    …while just to make sure…

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  • …..

  • …why not the introduction of weighted voting, an extra vote afforded to graduates in sociology or media studies!

  • Just kidding…maybe.