Scomo’s Lucky He’s In Oz, Not Austria.

Scott Morrison deserves credit for his victory in the Australian election.


Bravo, Morrison! 

I often used often to applaud him when he was in charge of resisting the crimmigrants swarming towards Oz..

Jakarta Post Lets Oz Red Urge Show Trial for Morrison

…and defended him against nutjobs!

The bludger-boats were repulsed and their repulsive cargos – most of them – lodged on islands far away – whence they can still be heard whining!

But would Scomo have won in any European Union-controlled country?

I wonder!

If the left agit-props could have concocted some bizarre ‘scandal’ – some Liberal MP caught in flagrante with an Aussie sheep…


…perhaps – that would have derailed the fight-back against Labor’s Shorten!

No such nonsense erupted, though a few of his candidates were picked off for offending PC neurotics, mini-purges justified by rubbish about ‘Islamophobia’ and ‘homophobia,’ hopefully mere tactical retreats rather than any inclination to appease the freako left.

But in the Good Ole EUSSR?

Exactly who is behind that Strache episode in Ibiza, we don’t know.

There are, no doubt, plenty of Russian whores in Spain – heck, I have even run into a few in Jakarta bars…

‘…good-lookers seeking rich blokes, so I’d have a brief little chat then move on!

Hiring one smart enough to play a key role in a big-time sting must have been costly.

Who paid?


Not boring old criminals, who would gain nothing from ruining a man’s political career!

Ask the question, cuius bono – who gains from Strache’s downfall?

The FPO leader, judging from that video, was unwise enough to drink too much and thus make a fool of himself, out to impress a cute chick. It happens, but when one has risen high, the consequent crash can be painful.

And EVER SO useful, to the Enemy Within!




All those leftist Strasbourg Slugs with their snouts jammed in the public purse…

No Garden? But YOU Might Still Have A Slug Problem! 

…will be making hay, posing as paragons of morality, faux horror that somebody with a political agenda might seek to buy shares in a newspaper.

But it’s the timing that’s the give-away!

Just before the Strasbourg ‘Parliament’ elections?

Stage-managed for maximum electoral input?

Who paid the whore, and the rest of those involved?

Who’s got tons of money and hates patriots wherever they may be?

We have NO idea!

Any suggestions?

Will packs of investigative journo-jerks mount an intensive pursuit of the creeps who perpetrated the sleazy set-up?



The ‘brave’ media that splurged it are up to their necks in cover-up of the culprits.

Also – I wonder if that Polish documentary on bad priests was also timed carefully, to put the Polish patriot party, strongly Catholic in its stance, on the defensive. The Law and Justice patriot party’s poll ratings have taken a knock.


And we all know who hates them!

The Brussels Empire ruling class has tried to turn the Austrian issue, in particular, into a gigantic hit-job against all the resistance parties, making wild allegations that they are ‘enemies of freedom…’

…which ring especially untrue from authoritarian hypocrites like Mama Stasi Merkel’s Heiko Maas and his socialist comrades…


HEIL MERKEL!   – The SPD’s pro-crimmigrant Maas

‘Himmler’ Maas Calls On Secret Police to Undermine Patriots! 


PS – EuroNews offers clues –

the German media outlets which released the footage have refused to say who gave it to them, but questions are arising about Jan Böhmermann, a German satirist and television presenter, after recent comments he made reveal he’s known about the video for a while.

Well, we know what that leftist clown thinks, not just about the FPO, but about Austrians in general, judging from his racist comments a week or so before the ‘scandal’ broke.

He condescendingly, in Austria, insulted all eight million Austrians, ALL the men, women and children who live in Germany’s small neighbour.

Böhmermann told his Austrian hosts that their country was  – I quote

now full of eight million morons…’


It was only recently that the BBC ended another man’s career because he made a joke about a royal baby which was not racist at all but which upset race-obsessed uptights.

Evidently insulting an entire nationality as a ‘joke’ in Germanic countries is altogether different!