Bosnian ‘Rights’ Bint Rails At Hungary’s Truthful Transparency!

Some Bosnian bint named Dunja Mijatovic, who gets a handsome salary from the ‘Council of Europe,’ has issued a ‘report’ championing all those fake ‘refugees’ in Hungary whom the sensible Hungarian Government wants rid of.


Poor little ‘refugees’ politely asking to enter Hungary


No surprise.

‘Rights’ ranters would be just sat at their desks all day long reading The Guardian or watching CNN if they didn’t have undesirable aliens on behalf of whom to whine!

But this particular tax-funded yelper has also taken POWERFUL exception to the law which requires ‘NGO’ agitprop outfits to tell the truth about where their money comes from.


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A Bosnian Boris Johnson, methinks!

  • The human rights commissioner also raised the alarm about Hungarian laws that “stigmatise and criminalise” work by non-governmental organisations. NGOs that receive foreign grants are required to label themselves as “receiving foreign funding” on their websites..
  • Hungary accused of fuelling xenophobia with anti-migrant rhetoric

OMG – they are ‘required’ to tell the truth?



Strange that this legal requirement upsets so many pinko creeps.

I thought ‘tranparency’ was a big thing these days!


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Comrade Mijatovic’s shrilling indicates that neither the creeps nor herself like it known to the countries in which they’re interfering and causing trouble that their antics are financed by outside elements.


We know already where much of their money comes from.

However, while a lot of the largesse they lap up does come from malign plutocrats, through Soros’ Open Society network and similar bodies, there’s another trough the ‘NGO’s have their snouts dug deep into.


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That, to my old-fashioned, logical way of thinking, means they are getting loadsa dough from tax-payers, which means they are hardly ‘non-government’ organisations at all.

I should point out that the ranter-woman works not for the EUSSR but for the Council of Europe, which is a quite separate organisation but just as much a pain in the backside as Brussels!