Church Meeting For Christians Only? OMG! Canadian Queers Go Nuts!

Surrey church under fire for exclusive ‘Christian only’ anti-SOGI event

That’s the headline, and only in batty British Columbia would it be news that a church meeting might be confined to Christians.


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Or not. Ranting intolerance among sexual maladjusts is no B.C. monopoly…

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…but we can look at other Canadian provinces and other Commonwealth countries another day.

For non-Canadians, SOGI is a nasty pro-perv scheme dreamed up by the BC ‘education’ establishment, which the CityNews reporter describes as an ‘LGBTQ-inclusive education policy…

We’ve written about decent people’s resistance to SOGI before…

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…but the fight goes on, and on, and in this case the target is the small Pentecostal church below…


Surrey Pentecostal Assembly

A local queer is beside himself!

Colin McKenna with PFLAG, which advocates for LGBTQ rights, says excluding people who aren’t Christian from a talk that centres on LGBTQ topics is concerning.

Concerning? Oh yeah?

How does it ‘concern’ him?

It’s none of the damn queer’s business who decent people want to have in their midst. And even if it were, the queer is so inarticulate…

“Just the fact that this is supposed to be, or is billed to be, something about inclusion, when obviously it’s not. It’s pretty clear when stipulations about which religion you practice determines whether you can get in,” he says. “You can’t put something out there and say Christians only. It’s 2019, for heaven’s sake.”

…and arguably afflicted by a wish to turn the clock back from 2019 to AD 60, when Nero was feeding Christians to lions, that it’s harder still to figure why the media give him space- unless CityNews is itself pro-perversion?.

In fact, if you read on, it becomes very clear why the church was cautious about admissions to their meeting.

At a previous such gathering a gang of perverts showed up and caused trouble.


The guest speaker states that he doesn’t want it to be crashed by protesters, like what happened at his event in Oak Bay earlier this month.

“We had, essentially, a very large mob of LGBTQ activists who came in and behaved very badly,” he says. “I want to be able to communicate my message to Christians, but I want to be able to do that in a respectful environment.”

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Why shouldn’t this meeting be open to sick ‘gay’ louts?

The gaystapo goon-squad is out to stomp free speech.

The creeps need to be put in their place!