Nice One! Real Woman Demolishes BBC Defender Of Sports Trans-Freaks!

Just got home from Carrefour, switched on the tv and there’s BBC’s Sacker hosting ‘Hard Talk,’ giving Sharron Davis a hard time.



Boy, did she turn the tables on the pro-freak pinko!

Sharron at least once had to demand that her churlish host stop interrupting as she answered.

She stuck up for fair play in sports vigorously, battering him with all kinds of statistics and factual evidence, demanding that he take all of it into account.

I don’t think he was best pleased.

Or maybe, since he usually covers serious issues, he was resentful at having to handle a nonsense phenomenon, the whole trans-freak charade being an affront not only to decency but to nature and logic…

Man Up! Ban Male Freaks From Women’s Sports! 

……as noted by fair-minded folk around the world.

The continued success of the two transgenders throughout the year led to problematic objections that they had an unfair advantage. Rather than understanding the concern, the transgenders stated during an interview that girls should work harder rather than complaining.

…and as we have observed before.

It may be that Hard Talk was ordered to tackle this issue, as part of the tax-funded state-broadcaster’s appalling ‘Pride Month.’



Several times daily we have a big black man named Ben Hunt pop up on the screen to regale us with the ‘delights’ in store.

Hunt doesn’t look like poofter, no make-up, no purple velvet jump-suit. On the contrary, he looks like a normal human being.

What’s his story?

Hard to take Stephen Sacker seriously as an objective interviewer, given his grotesque prejudice on other issues, as displayed when he intruded his pro-crimmigrant bias quite blatantly, telling his guest that no matter what the American people may wish, ‘practical politicians know they can’t deport millions and millions of people.‘  

  Eric Cantor Uses Biased BBC Talk-Show To Blast Tea-Party

Of course they can!


His level of antagonism depends on whether he approves of his guest’s views. A very poor quality for an interviewer who should be objective.