Root Out The Deep State! An American Petition!

Yes, another petition, organised by good people in America, so passed on to my many good American readers!

Time for Trump to initiate Armageddon on the Deep State…


….which, as this coincidentally published report confirms, has not yet learned to accept democratic election results.

Elements of the state department hierarchy have also been deeply unhappy with the new role pandering to Orbán. “He’s struggling with his own diplomats,” said Németh, of Cornstein’s attempts to build a friendly personal relationship with Orbán and restart bilateral relations. “We are trying to accommodate Hungarian foreign policy to the intentions of the president, not the state department…”

That’s about the United States Ambassador Cornstein, who, outrageously, serves the President who appointed him, instead of the un-elected flunkeys who have their own agenda.

Just one example of their subversive alternative agenda, and why it’s time to stomp the slugs.

Here’s the petition!

Now it’s time for the Deep State to answer to us.

Will you sign this INVESTIGATE THE DEEP STATE Petition

It’s from the David Horowitz Freedom Center, who deserve material support in their David V Goliath struggle against Big Tech bullying.
P.O. Box 55089
Sherman Oaks, CA 91499