With Obama Gone, Anti-Black ‘Racism’ Wanes – No Bloody Wonder!

The randomized survey of 2,500 respondents revealed anti-black prejudice “took a sharp dive” in 2016 after President Trump was elected, and the decline was evident among both Republican and Democratic voters…


The researchers who have released the report to which this refers are said to be surprised, but what else would one expect?

Trump has expressed no anti-black sentiments – if he has, pinko readers, please correct me – and unlike his abhorrant predecessor, he has not sought to racialise issues.

Obama’s overt racism, whether heart-felt, or for vote-grubbing, in the case of the shot undesirable, Trayvon Martin…



…and in his carefully calculated appointment of the offensive Eric Holder, another race-baiting extremist…


Holder: Black Panther Case Focus Demeans ‘My People’


…to the position of Attorney-General?

That kind of vocal, in-your-face racist effrontery MUST have turned off millions of white Americans!

Logically, therefore, that negative emotion would begin to abate once the racist left the White House and took his lapdogs with him.