Yes! ‘Dirty Tricks’ Wanted – Bring Brussels To Its Knees!

Did anyone else hear that BBC woman today?

I think it was the one with the Indian name, Geeta?

When she was commenting on the various Tory leadership aspirants, she – almost as an aside – said that there was fretting in the enemy camp.

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The Brussels Empire’s ruling class is aghast at the thought of any new Conservative Party leader resorting to ‘dirty tricks,’ such as…


What a wizard idea!

In fact, I think I may have suggested it before now…

Grow A Set, May – Block The Brussels Budget! 

…but it is such a glaringly obvious tactic…

– and no more a “DIRTY TRICK” trick than the humiliations heaped on Britain over the years since the referendum – think ‘Brexit Bill,’ think ‘Back-Stop, ‘colony…” –

…that one might have thought even the Weeping Worm aka Theresa The Tearful Traitrix  could have come up with it.


theresa junkcer judas

But then May was a Remainer playing duplicitous games (still is, and as she’s still PM for a fortnight, beware!) so she’d never have grasped an effective weapon if it was served up to her on a platter – unless the platter was garnished with ripe sprouts.

I note my commenters are asking who is better, Boris or Raab or the others.

Any Tory who won’t guarantee to wield that threat should be scored of the possibles list in the coming contest.