Spain’s Fake ‘Right’ Slithers Back Into Sell-Out Mode!

Some Eire hack wrote a biased piece after the Spanish elections, usual pinko tripe about how Vox,the patriot party, had ‘worryingly’ made a significant advance, but amid the dross was a little perceptive gem-

Having failed to achieve a right-wing majority, Casado has spent this week racing back towards the centre with indecent haste, further damaging his credibility.


‘Popular Party’ aka fake-right Pablo Casado

Casado is the leader of the fake ‘conservative’ party, who was making lots of sensible noises during the campaign, which we took with a mite of hope and a pinch of salt.

We had a fleeting day-dream that his Popular (not populist!) Party could offer a genuinely effective anti-crimmigrant policy, even instituting an enlightened strategy of lethal force against the filthy savages whose violent assaults on Spanish borders…


…have infuriated decent Spaniards.

Now we see what a May-Fly Casado truly is.

These phoney ‘conservative’ fakers need to be targetted by the patriot resistance in every land.

Viva Vox!