Crimmigrant Rape Cover-Up – Who’s Guilty?

Get a load of the headline in, a site not exactly known for its sympathies with the stance we take on crimmigration.

Dutch minister resigns over manipulated report of crimes committed by asylum-seekers

And here he is, the man paid the dubious compliment of being a ‘talented and committed liberal’ by Netherland’s PM Rutte.

Mark Harbers


But before we consider the case of Mark Harbers, until a week ago the Dutch Minister for Migration, let’s consider the way Euractiv turns the reality of the noun ‘cover-up’ into ‘manipulation’. And don’t forget how its verbal form becomes ‘elide!’

viz. a parliamentary outcry over elided data on crimes committed by asylum seekers…


Sure, the Enemy Within can use fancy words if that’s how they think they can get away with it, but the reality is that both words, like whoever fixed those figures, are attempting to bemuse and befuddle the Dutch people.

The statistics report concerned was a fairly ludicrous piece of pro-crimmigrant propaganda in which…




….misdemeanours such as shoplifting had their own separate categories but serious crimes such as sexual assault, murder and manslaughter were lumped together under the category “other” with no disaggregation.

Harbers did the honourable thing when the deceitful document was exposed. He “assumed total responsibility” and quit.


Harbers insisted the outrageous dissimulation was “not deliberate…”

OK. Let’s take him at his word.

He didn’t prepare the report in the disgraceful form it was served up for parliamentary and public consumption?

Believable – ministers rely on their departmental staff for nitty-gritty jobs like that statistical report.

It didn’t compile itself, so…

Who did?

Obviously, bureaucrats in his ministry. Some little pen-pushers put it together, but on WHOSE orders?

Americans know their hired flunkeys in the Deep State have an agenda at variance with the vision of their elected President.


George Soros, Hungary…And The American Deep State?

Brits have been warned often enough about the subversion of the Brexit negotiations by ‘civil servants’ paid to implement, not influence, democratic decisions…

We have been writing, here on this blog, and elsewhere, long before there was a blog, about the UK’s Enemy Within.

Old News Revisited – UK Civil Service A Den Of Vipers


Has Holland too got an Enemy Within…



…a Dutch Deep State out to hide the horrors that alien predators inflict on the people of their host country?

Let’s hope that the new patriot party, the Forum for Democracy, or indeed Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party, do not stop digging till they unearth who collaborated in the production of this dirty-trick document!

PS – But not all civil servants are rogues – who tipped off a Dutch news-paper about the crimmigrant cover-up?