Justice In Florida – In Wisconsin, Not So Much!

Justice in the USA is something of a patch-work.

In Florida, it works well, albeit slowly.

It was refreshing to read that a serial rapist-murder has finally been executed….



As we type this, it’s pleasing to imagine him in fiery torment, alongside Manson and Bin Laden and…


…..other evil-doers, all getting their just, eternal, hellish deserts.

But in Wisconsin, which, alas, has no death penalty, another fiend is guaranteed three square meals a day for the rest of his natural life, plus tax-paid medical treatment, free tv and all kinds of benefits, after he was finally sentenced for kidnapping 13-year-old Jayme Closs and killing her parents…at the family’s home near Barron, about 90 miles north-east of Minneapolis…


Where’s the justice in that? Do Wisconsin people not think that devil’s death is well-deserved?

States’ rights are a key part of the American system. Hence the variations.

But not all states have put this important issue to the people.

 Capital punishment is not something that ought to be left to legislation or legal fiat – or to decadent governors, like that clown in California, who has recently boasted that he is to use his gubernatorial prerogative effectively to end capital punishment there…

California Drivel – Democrat Scorns Democracy, Fawns

California’s Loathesome Governor Gavin Newsom

 …showing open contempt not just for the victims of the scum he’s saved from proper punishment, but also for the electorate…

Proposition 62
Repeal of Death Penalty
Votes %
 Yes 6,361,788 46.85%
 No 7,218,625 53.15%
Valid votes 13,580,413 92.95%
Invalid or blank votes 1,030,096 7.05%
Total votes 14,610,509 100.00%
Registered voters/turnout 19,411,771 75.27%

…who, when last consulted, wanted such vermin exterminated.

Our readers in the United States should not sit around waiting to see what the Supreme Court has to say next time the issue comes before them.

Admittedly, recent additions to the bench make any judicial diktat in favour of abolition less likely, and one hopes the appointment of a sane judge to fill Bader Ginsberg’s spot may soon be on the way.

Yet while SCOTUS could, if judges were careless of morality, issue an abolition decision, SCOTUS cannot decree sea-to-sea restoration.

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Decent Americans in Wisconsin and other states without the death penalty need to get organised and purge both legislatures and courts of liberal slugs…



…whose mission is to safeguard the wicked no matter how they’ve hurt the good.

Just saying.