MultiKulti's OK! OUR Culture? Not So Much… – So Says Sweden's Ruling Class!

Rarely can a ruling class ever have been as consumed with abject contempt for its own country’s culture…

= the loathesome left-liberal in-crowd that runs Sweden.



Imagine if tartan was banned in Scotland…

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…or the the statues of Javanese mythological heroes evicted from the steets of Indonesian cities…


patung-bima-purwakarta    Bima





…oops, ignorant Islamists have started on that already!


Not content with ruining the nation’s future by importing hordes of ingrate savages, the Swedish government is mulling a scheme to eradicate Norse runes, on the imbecilic grounds that some ‘neo-nazi’ groups like to use them.

Hey, nutjobs!

Hitler liked dogs.

Gonna have them put down too?

My exasperation tonight arises from the absurd Socialist Justice Minister Morgan Johansson…


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And he IS absurd – read how the damn fool posed with migrant ‘children!’

…who is currently investigating whether or not runes should be banned in Sweden as a way to deter hate groups, a Swedish website Samhällsnytt reported.

The outcome of Manic Morgan’s ‘investigation’ is due in a few days!

Runes are the ancient alphabet of the Scandinavian peoples and an integral part of Swedish traditions and culture.


MultiKulti Is OK, So Long As Your Culture Is Excluded!


Swedes aren’t happy, it seems, but then they’re probably also not at all happy about all the women and girls raped by aliens…


…but neither their government nor their courts…

Sick, Sad Sweden – High Court Vetoes Somali Rapist’s Deportation 

…give a tinker’s cuss about that!

So fat chance the establishment will heed indications of popular anger at this deranged scheme.

Multiculturalism, after all, in Europe, at least, is about accommodating cultures that don’t belong in European countries…





…not respecting the history, customs and cultures of the lands swamped by unwanted migrants,