Boris Behind Bars? Crowd-Fund Clowns Have Crowned Him King!

By now you’ll have heard about the latest ludicrous stunt by Europhiliacs, but if somehow you have missed it, here’s the headline and the link.


Miffed ... Boris Johnson.

Boris Johnson must go to court over ‘Brexit bus lies’

British people, like you, in your country, wherever in the world you live, have long held that politicians as a rule are given to prevarication…


…but unless they’re caught with their hands in the public purse, there’s no fierce demand that they go to jail.

Now that’s changing.

Sit back and wait for the trial, which ‘Bojo’ will undoubtedly enjoy and exploit to his advantage.

This fatuous bid to make him a martyr will backfire in his favour – his chances of winning the Tory leadership are likely to soar overnight.

I’m no fan of his, and I like to see politicians given a hard time.

But if we are going to start prosecuting for dishonest politically- motivated statements, how about the police pay a visit to whoever sticks those EUSSR propaganda slogans on all manner of projects across the UK.

Image result for a funded by the european union

Britain pays more into the EU budget than it ever gets back. Always has, and worse after Bliar screwed up Maggie’s rebate.

To give Brussels any credit at all spending British tax-payers’ money is both misleading and offensive.

Can somebody please initiate prosecutions for that?