Remainer Electoral Commission? Take The Fight To The Enemy!

One scalp doth not a summer make!

While the wicked witch is busily strapping her back-pack to her broom-stick, preparing to vacate Number Ten…

Not Welcome! Doormat

Here’s a handy tip from Leave EU on how you can carry on the fight against tax-funded collabo ratbags from the comfort of your back-garden or, if UK weather is as unpredictable as I remember, your kitchen table, after breakfast tomorrow!

The Electoral Commission soaks up your money.

It’s infested with brazen anti-Brexit bigots, who deserve a slap on their dirty snouts!




It’s bad enough to have a parliament brimming with pro-Remain MPs, it’s an absolute scandal for that extreme bias to extend to all corners of the public sector. MPs are not required to act impartially, civil servants are.

With the European elections upon us, those interests are more blatant and corrosive than ever, nowhere more so than the Electoral Commission, which has done nothing to sanction free-spending unregistered Remain campaigns over the past few weeks while jumping at the opportunity to support baseless accusations against the Brexit Party, peddled by the liberal media. The BBC, another defective arm of the state is in on the act of course. Look no further than Andrew Marr’s recent interview with Nigel Farage.



Leave.EU has worked hard to expose the widespread corruption at the Electoral Commission and its connections with other columns of the Remain campaign embedded in our public institutions.

Enough is enough! Leave.EU urges supporters, to bear down on the Commission and demand impartiality, a vital component of the bureaucracy in any free, democratic society. You can email them here or jam their switchboard by calling: 0333 103 1928


Get stuck in!