In Ventimiglia, Lampedusa, Riace, Salvini Soars – Voters Reflect ‘Refugee’ Realities!

Experience Matters!

I had a look at the Guardian, a painful necessity if we want to know what the Enemy Within is thinking, and lo, they are scrambling to save face.

Incredibly, they had a piece on some ill-mannered Leftist, a ‘doctor,’ it seems, whose claim to prominence in the rotten media is that he came second to Matteo Salvini’s patriot party in Lampedusa.

That’s the Italian island which has borne the brunt of crimmigrant violations of Italy’s territorial integrity.



Read this… …

Truth Told – Threatening, Thieving…Migrant Molestation! 

…and note the photo of migrant savages amok there – more than six years ago!

The loser ‘doctor’ is one of the infantile type of pinko creep. He refuses to use Signor Salvini’s name!

It wasn’t only there that Salvini won big.




Another town, Riace, also notorious for local leftists encouraging crimmigrant colonisation, saw a thumping vote tally for the patriots.

 But how about Ventimiglia, on the French border, where some alien curs even raped a young woman who had travelled there to help them…

Woman ‘gang-raped in refugee camp ordered to stay SILENT…

..and was bullied into keeping quiet about what the filthy savage did to her, so local people, not just Italians but also in France, which the vile illegals were trying to gate-crash, would not be  further alarmed at the nature of the threat……

Has Ventimiglia’s Mayor Lost All Touch With Reality? 


…posed by the proximity of packs of barbarous intruders devoid even  of any sense of gratitude!

In Ventimiglia, the voters gave a keen thumbs-up to Matteo Salvini’s patriots – a huge 44%, according to The Leftal, sorry, The Local.

None of these results should surprise us.

But is it not part of the left-liberal refrain, oft heard in media like The Guardian and The Local, that anti-crimmigrant sentiment thrives more in areas with relatively few of the blighters..




…the offensive left message being that patriot resistance is rooted in how ignorant patriots must be of the fine quality of those who have got into their country?

Once Brits, French, Germans and Italians are forced to live cheek by jowl with aliens, they will come to love being colonised?

Another myth busted.

In Lampedusa, in Riace, and in Ventimiglia, for years, Italians have had a close-up view of the parasite plague.

And they DON’T like what they see.