China’s Badiucao – More Guts Than Brit-Wimp ‘Banksy!’

A sad anniversary for Chinese patriots, who refuse to let the massacre truth be buried by a regime that boasts of its achievements yet cowers from free elections.




One example of what’s wrong in China is how the satirist/cartoonist Badiucao..


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..who would be imprisoned, tortured or killed if Beijing’s Reds got hold of him I’m not backing down this time’: Chinese dissident artist Badiucao  has had to hide his face behind a mask for so long.

I just saw on the news that he’s ripped away the mask and is out in the open, still challenging marxist misrule.

What a contrast to that wimpy weasel that calls itself ‘Banksy-‘ – male, female, one person, more?

The very name ‘Banksy’ is redolent of an inarticulate infant’s fumbling efforts while learning to speak!


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No more artistic talent than half the other anti-socials whose daubs deface public and private property in the UK and other countries.

Yet lionised despite the cowardice, because the message is always…what?

The word ‘nihilist’ springs to mind!

Something to think about.