Congratulations, Colin Thackery!

What a grand result in ‘Britain’s Got Talent!’

I don’t usually watch this show, partly because I can’t stand Simon Cowell, but since I had an Indonesian visitor on Tuseday morning, it occurred to me she might find it entertaining.

And I was so glad I made that choice.


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Colin Thackeray, 89 years of age, a Chelsea Pensioner…

( for non-Brits, that’s an armed forces vet – the link for a fuller explanation)

…not only got a rapturous standing ovation, but also won the contest, with a song sung, surrounded by his fellow CPs, with regular serving soldiers in the audience, at attention, saluting the octogenarian.

As much as his melodiousperformance in London, methinks, his victory, clearly, was a result of his service to Queen and Country..

There’s hope for the UK yet!