BBC’s Katty Kay Defiles D-Day – Europhiliac Snark Against Nationalisml

She’s a ghastly creature, KK, as we know…


Katty Kay.jpg

Katty Kay – One Bare-Faced BBC Liar! 

,,,but who’d have thought even she would try to use the D-Day 75 celebrations for propaganda purposes.

I just turned on the tv, half an hour ago, and there she was.

For no good reason at all, she began quoting people she didn’t name who lived through WW2 and who, she yammered, were anxious about ‘what’s happening in Europe today.’

This source of anxiety, she quickly hammered home her partisan point, was ‘nationalism.’

You stupid, biased bitch.

The reason war-time Brits ( just ask yer grandparents) put up a fight was nothing to do with any hostility to ‘nationalism,’ but on the contrary, ’twas a fierce pride in their national identity…


…a determination not to let the supranational Third Reich crush their freedom.



Hitler’s vision was the fore-runner of the Fourth Reich -EUSSR…


Brussels’ Nazi Antecedents Exposed


…the evil aims of which are precisely what today’s patriots, the nationalists, like Salvini, and Le Pen and indeed the Brexit resistance movement, are battling to defeat.


Maybe so, but that debate should not have been introduced into D-Day commemorations..


…in the form of one-sided BBC Euro-Bias by a louse like KK.