The ISIS Pig & The ISIS Sow in Oz – Why Let ‘Em Out Early?

One ISIS pig, one ISIS sow.

Ihsas Khan. Momeena Shoma.

Swine who should be dragged to the nearest abattoir and, were sane laws on the statute book, killed.


The Bangladeshi bint was given a visa to enter Australia.


Did nobody interrogate her, ask if she approved of jihad, or shariah law?

Sure, she might lie, but are those who interview visa applicants not trained to detect dissimulation?


She was hardly going to admit then what she later boasted, that she only wanted to reach Oz to engage in sectarian hate-crimes, but regardless, tougher checks are needed.


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Ludicrously, the sow was allowed to wear her hate-shroud at sentencing!


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I think my imaginative representation at the top of the page is more flattering, yes?

Ihsas Khan jailed for 36 years over terror attack in Sydney driveway.

As for Ihsas Khan, was he born in Oz?

If not, who let him in? If so, he’s guilty not only of terror but of treason.

They both got sentences of many years, but that just means a massive drain on the public purse…


….there are, in both cases, provision for release before the full sentences are served.

That is wrong.

If there’s no death penalty, they should rot in solitary confinement…


…till they die and join their master in Hell!