Australia’s Media Rats Rattled By Investigation? About Time!

The self-absorption of the media freaks is quite dazzling, and in the Australian tax-funded ABC’s case, almost akin to navel-gazing.

Nor of course is the BBC, which also gets its cash by coercion of tax-payers, notably different, clamouring in solidarity about antipodean ‘investigative journalists….’




…who really hate being investigated themselves.

Funny how real news got knocked down the page near everywhere, by a simple, common-sense police action, viz.

The raid comes a day after police searched the home of another Australian journalist, sparking alarm.

Police raid Australia’s public broadcaster ABC

So they think media-grubs are above the law?

A lot of Australians, probably a majority, are not in the least in a state of ‘alarm,’ and many may well have pondered why the ABC has not been properly investigated long before now.

Those of us watching in Jakarta do not expect any kind of responsiblity from the ABC, ever since that pinko hack allowed crimmigrants here to smear the Royal Australian Navy…

The ABC backed off, but was the hack dismissed, or disciplined?

Rats On The Run! ABC Memo – Skip the ‘Flourishes.’ 

If the ABC had taken responsiblity then and slung the swine, sent him packing to find more suitable employ – perhaps with CNN or the Cuban state news agency…

….we might have believed the bleating we now hear from ABC HQ, about how their hacks and hackettes are so very responsible.

BTW, the ‘story’ that this latest storm-in-a-teacup seems to be connected to was coincidentally another round in the on-going conflict between the armed forces and the rotten media – “alleged” misconduct by Australian soldiers in Afghanistan, and, shock-horror, of the existence of a ‘Warrior Culture” among some of those soldiers.


As opposed, one has to say, to the miserable, snivelling Sell-Out Culture among the journo-jerks.