Big Trump Win – But BBC Invites Anti-Trump ‘Global’ Guy To Sneer!

Trust the BBC!


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Phil Levy, Chicago Institute on Global Affairs


Sorry, please don’t accept my introductory words at face value.

I meant, of course, trust the BBC to invite a globalist named Phil Levy to sneer at President Trump’s success in getting Mexico to behave responsibly with regard to the crimmigrant horde…




…flooding across the border from Guatemala, intent on getting their unpleasant snouts into the USA’s freebie-trough.




As so often in the past..

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…needless to say, BBC chose a guest who could be relied upon to sneer at and dismiss The Donald’s achievement.


bbc propag


Equally needless to say, no guest to be seen or heard giving Trump the credit he deserves.

We don’t know if the deal means there will be a crack-down on foreign-funded interference on behalf of the illegal aliens in Mexico.

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But even the Left media had to report the dispatch of 6000 National Guards by the Mexican President to reinforce the southern border – that alone is a victory, although given the insipid performance of Mexico’s security forces…




….who gutlessly stepped back a year ago and let the parasitic rabble sweep through.

However, Trump has prudently NOT cancelled his tariff threat, merely suspended it indefinitely, so if Mexico cowers again, it can get slapped again.

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Let’s hope those ‘National Guards’ don’t emulate their predecessors’ decision to shirk their duty to open fire if their country is invaded again.