Foul-Mouthed Freak Attacks Feminist!

Shocker, this one!

A foul-mouthed trans-freak, a man calling itself ‘’Cathy Brennan,” launched its noisome self at a prominent feminist named Julie Bindel as she left Edinburgh University on Thursday.


Brennan, who incredibly has in the past done work for the British Film Institute ( never again, one hopes!) had previously posted hate threats on social media, obscenity laden grunts about ‘terfs’ saying that ‘debate’ was out of the question so his fellow-freaks should just…



Make them afraid  – f—k them up!’

If you need an explanation of ‘terf,’ please refer to our old post…

TERF POWER OK! Solidarity With Normality! 

TERF is an acronym for Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist.

Gambar terkait

….to find out what they are and why trans-freaks hate them.

Equally interesting was the victim’s statement in the aftermath, in which she laid the blame fairly and squarely on Edinburgh Uni ‘lecturers and staff….’

.I think the lecturers and other staff who stoked the flames of this by calling women bigots and fascists and Nazis because we were holding an event to discuss women’s rights, should take responsibility for this.”


They’d been ranting and raving prior to the meeting she’d spoken at, which was in fact nothing to do with trans-freaks at all, the subject being violence by men against women.

Edinburgh was once one of Scotland’s most distinguished old universities, hence it’s sad to read it employs significant numbers of nutjobs. .

As to Brennan, perplexingly, Bindel said she’s not yet decided to press charges!

Come on, lady!


Any man who purports to be a woman, or vice-versa, clearly needs to be handed over to specialists. If they’re genuine in their delusion, then serious therapy is essential.

If, on the other hand, they are just sex predators wishing to prowl ladies’ loos..

.Predators and Child Molestors

…or obnoxious louts like Brennan, then a sound thrashing a day for many weeks should suffice