Manchester’s Malevolent Marcus – Pinko Creep Or Red Nazi?

Up at 6.30am Jakarta time!

NOT usual, but I wanted to learn the Peterborough by-election outcome.

So here’s something to chew on over breakfast, if you’re local, or while you’re analysing that exciting result.

Thanks to one of our alert commenters, we focus briefly on a malevolent advocate of left thuggery – and a capitalist, to boot!


Marcus looks much as one would expect him to look


The surly-looking creature’s name is Mike Marcus, a nasty bigot who urged red louts to attack rightwing politicians ( ‘fascists’ in his words,  which to his sad sort can mean anyone to the right of – or even within- the Tory Party!) and it’s worth asking if the Manchester Police have had a word with the blow-hard…




…about incitement to violence, which I believe is still a criminal offence in the UK.

Whether or not his hate-based messaging gets blow-back from law enforcement, he deserves a response from patriots, and he seems to have Facebook and Twitter accounts, which ought to be targetted by those who despise advocates of political violence.

And how about raising his hateful outburst on their Google Review page ?

Readers with talents in creativity could also have fun with his company’s email address  – How skilful Mangy Marcus’s minions are at handling incoming orders, whether genuine or bogus, would be another interesting question.


Image result for long-winded customers

Similarly, how do they deal with long, plodding telephone enquiries?

Well, we can’t know that, because timidly they do not advertise their phone number!

But how quickly do they reply to letters enquiring about why their beer used to use American hops then didn’t – the extremist proprietor stopped that when Donald Trump was elected!



 69 N Western St, Manchester M12 6DX, UK

Along with our commenter, I affirm that patriots should not resort to physical force, except in self-defence –  it’s not known if this slug is likely to brandish a brick himself, or if he’s all mouth and trousers, as north-western English folk put it.

There was something of a childish hissy-fit when one person sent an email ‘threat’ (which was not a threat at all) and certainly not a threat to hit anyone with a brick.

Heroic Marcus has reportedly locked down his Twitter account, after numerous decent people took him to task for his rabid intolerance.

Methinks he would rather merely incite violence than risk any personal consequences himself.

Hence my headline, the unanswered query – is he a bleating pinko creep or – unlikely – a dangerous red nazi of the type that might his rabid incitement might inspire to attack people for no reason other than their political opinions?