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    Vile ‘Rap’ Savage – More Foul Racism Against France – Jail Him!

    Once again a racist savage, engaged in that affront to music that calls itself ‘rap,’ has crossed a line and it is a rebuke to French justice that he is able to do so outside prison walls instead of inside.

    If the repulsive Nick Conrad had been given the maximum five years for his last bout of animalistic grunts, which dwelt noisily on  the prospect of killing white babies…



    the previous video was delightfully released as –

    ‘Hang White People.’

    Extract from ‘lyrics’

    “I go to the nurseries, I kill the white babies, catch them quick, and hang their parents!


    …instead of a slap-on-the-wrist fine, then his latest ‘hit’  – and it will be a hit among the thousands of disloyal primitives in the banlieues of Paris and other French cities. The ‘lyrics’ –

      “I f**k France I burn France until she reaches agony,”

    …along with the video’s display of a young white woman being strangled, will ensure its popularity with the alien scum who have run amok in the cess-pool suburbs too many times.



    Savages riot in banlieue


    If there are ANY members of the French judiciary endowed with backbones, not to mention patriotism, then that ‘rap’ rot should also ensure Conrad the Cur spends years behind bars, and/or deportation,

    Incidentally, if you or any patriots in any country have been banned, like me, from Facebook, you may wish to ask if Conrad’s vile racism has earned him the same fate.

    • Apparently not – so I’m advised – and no bans either on YouTube, which we looked at recently, nor on Twitter, or indeed Instagram.

    Nor should we be surprised. He is not, after all, either a patriot or a conservative.

    PS If the swine IS still on Facebook, thrre may be access there for anyone eho might widh to comment. Zuckwit’s geekstapo will probably spring to the racist’s defence, because though he claims to have been born in France, his origins are somewhere in Cameroun.

    • Jeanne 20:36 on June 7, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      He will go unpunished, like so many banlieue rioters and maybe like Macron’s bodyguard.
      It is the Yellow Vest protestors, many just angry citizens, that are beaten down in France 2019,


    • Kierken Lausik 22:53 on June 7, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I thought only white people could be punished for ‘racist’ offences,
      The savage should face prosecution for crimes against music.
      ‘Rap’ is revolting noise, not music. There was a music show on cable tv a month or two ago.
      It sickened me to see a Korean kids band ( about 14 years old, approx) performing it, one of the boys grabbing at his crotch like some mentally ill sex pervert, I’m told it’s a standard part of ‘rap’ performances.


    • M-J Hartley 01:06 on June 8, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Regarding that final PS, he does have a Facebook page.
      Let’s all put in a little effort and think of suitable comments.
      Facebook will probably scrub our comments and leave his page intact, however.



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