You Tube Scandal – Latest Victim Speaks!

It’s in all the headlines, how the leftist regime at You Tube has formalised its declaration of war on free speech.

I say formalised because the war has been in progress for a considerable time, a recent attack reported right here last month…

‘Borderless’ – The Film YouTube’s Geekstapo Won’t Let You Watch! 


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…not to forget how Facebook blocked our own report of the political party formed by recalcitrant aliens in Germany…

…but although it would be nice to go on at length about Facebook/Google/YouTube’s bigoted ideological biases, on balance, rather than write a lot myself, it seems easier, and more courteous, to let their censored victim speak for himself.


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I follow several resistance media but had not previously heard of Steve Crowther.

His style is not my style, but he certainly has a sense of humour, which, as much as his sensible politics, has brought down the wrath of the enemy on his head.

But YouTube’s wrath, while more powerfully menacing, pales in comparison to the queer he’s upset by his goads!

It was the queer’s shrill and endless whining, it seems, that galvanised the mighty video giant into its jackboot stomp.


It’s only fair to tell you what the whiner, who works for the far-left Vox outfit, has got his metaphorical knickers in a twist about.

According to CNN, Crowther’s YouTube videos….describe Maza in starkly homophobic terms such as “little queer,” and the “Mr. Gay Vox,” and “the gay Latino from Vox…” 

Starkly homophobic?

Simply the truth, as far as I can see!

Whatever happened to ‘Gay Pride?’ Is he ashamed of being queer, or of working for Vox, or of being Latino? Surely not! Or of being little, which is surely a matter of perspective!?!

Please use this link to watch Mr. Crowther in inimitable entertaining action!