‘Inappropriate?’ Surely Emma Told Groper – ‘Drop Dead, Sleaze-Ball…’

I don’t know if you’ve seen that BBC clip of the actress Emma Thompson from a talk-show.

She tells of how, when she was 19, a fifty-year-old man tried to insert his hand into a blouse she was wearing?

Emma quite rightly resisted, and rebuked him.


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She SAYS she told the groper git that his behaviour was ‘totally inappropriate.’

I have no doubt she told him off.

But she is now 60 years old, so the attempted molestation took place over forty years ago!

One would have thought she might have exhorted Old Creepy to drop dead, get lost, or go and take a flying flip…or something like that!

Surely people did not use damned silly terms like ‘inappropriate’ back then, in the 70s and 80s, not the way it is inappropriately used nowadays.

It’s been turned into a cop-out word, mostly favoured by mealy-mouths, esp. mealy-mouthed pinkos.

…multiple dark revelations and shockingly inappropriate statements by the Centre Party’s coalition partner…

( that was about the ‘far-right’ EKRE party) 

 …senior Army officers were quick to acknowledge how inappropriate this was…

( that was about the British Army’s witch-hunt against ‘nationalist’ soldiers)




So pinkos misuse the word to describe political stances with which they disagree but only about ‘rightwingers’ – never extremists on the left.


Besides that, the word is a weakling substitute for ‘outrageous!’

KFSN-TVMay 22, 2019
This action follows notification that law enforcement has received a report alleging Father Diaz has engaged in inappropriate behavior that may …
Natalie Portman brands singer Moby’s claims ‘creepy’ and ‘inappropriate…;
image.ieMay 22, 2019
Related image
According to a police complaint obtained by LebTown, a possible confession has already been obtained of the man accused of inappropriate …
A former middle school teacher at the elite Park School of Baltimore inappropriately touched and engaged in troubling behaviors with students…
SULPHUR, La. (KPLC) – The Sulphur Police Department has arrested 5 men for allegedly having inappropriate relationships with the same .


Exactly when did the word ‘appropriate’ get to be used as a substitute for ‘obnoxious,’ disgusting,’ ‘indecent,’  ‘immoral,’ any or all of those meaningful words being more APPROPRIATE than the pathetic euphemism ‘inappropriate’ adopted by whoever authored those five news extracts above.

I did find one example of its proper usage –  

But nearly three minutes after she arrived, Jenkins was told by two leasing consultants that the suit -a pink one-piece- was “inappropriate.”.

See what I mean?

If I were invited to dine with HM The Queen, or President Jokowi here in Jakarta, it would be inappropriate to show up in t-shirt and jeans.

If one of the waitresses serving dinner were a cutie, and I started playing grab-ass as she placed my plate before me, that would NOT be ‘inappropriate’ – it would be…


Just like Emma’s 1979 groper!