Pro-Queer Theatre Creep Cowers From Widdecombe Wisdom!

Selladoor theatre company’s boss, a pinko named David Hutchinson, is a cringing creep, scared witless to let people hear arguments he doesn’t like but believes might prevail against his own prejudices

He’s also a hypocrite, who pretends that he doesn’t “seek to prevent discussions where there might be differences in opinion..”

But that fine sentiment  – in the very same sentence – ends up with “in this case, there is no discussion to be had.”

In which case?


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The case of Ann Widdecombe, MEP, who dared suggest that people addicted to sexual perversions might be cured.

“Ann’s comments are divisive, disrespectful and foolishly ignorant.”

‘Foolishly ignorant?’

A tautological assertion,surely, for who could ever be ‘cleverly ignorant?’

Hutchinson, I suppose, for he purports to be ignorant of what is required to have a discussion in which differences of opinion are aired, i.e. more than one side of an argument besides the gaystapo’s!

And that would make him a fool.

Yet he’s probably not that stupid. He knows that there are two sides to the argument, because it IS plainly possible for queers to be cured.

Yet he is being too clever by half, grasping at the sophistries of left-liberal censorship, as often advanced by ‘gay’ inquisitors.




And he’s certainly ‘disrespectful’ when he calls old Ann ‘disgusting,’ ignoring the fact that what queers do with each other is absolutely disgusting.

Readers should enlighten him.

Here’s his email address

Unless he’s changed it to avoid having to listen to – shock-horror – people who have ‘differences of opinion’ with his pro-homo prejudice.

In which case, it’s