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    Stop Press! Awful Amber Gives Boris A Boost!

    Just watching EuroNews and hear that Amber Rudd has gone off the deep end, beside herself over Bojo’s assertion that he won’t okay payment of the ‘Brexit Bill’ rip-off unless the Euro-Commissars back off on their diktats.

    While Johnson is not somebody I’d count on not to siphon the milk out of a blind man’s tea…

    …it would be churlish not to applaud his declaration.

    The EUSSR has for almost all, if not all, Britain’s years of membership, squeezed far more money out of UK tax-payers than ever Brits got back. Brussels should handing back billions to Britannia!

    Yet regardless of the cash, the UK has instantly benefited from BJ’s words.

    With May stepping down…



    …and Fourth Reich cheer-leader Soubry already gone, it’s fair to say Awful Amber Rudd is the worst woman in the Conservative Party.

    Arrest Amber Rudd? Calais Crimmigrant “Age Checks Not Carried Out! “ 


    • What a Calais Cur ‘child’ looks like, according to Rudd!

    Her shocking irresponsibility on the issue of importing fake ‘refugee’ ( AND fake-‘child’ ) crimmigrants was bad…

    amber rudd


    ….but if you check her record on most everything, she is a menace!

    Her latest Brexit tantrum merely confirms what we know.

    Only a week ago it was rumoured she was trying to weasel into a deal with Johnson, a ‘dream-ticket’ with him as the ‘right’ (?) boss and Rudd as a far-left running mate.

    A nightmare prospect for patriots.

    Now her allegiance to ‘Europe’ has her railing at Bojo and thus ruling herself out.

    So far so good!

    I still think Esther McVey’s the best of the bunch.



    • Louis Hare 19:26 on June 10, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      The more I read of McVey, the more I tend to agree with you. She’s good. She is also conservative, unlike many ‘Conservative’ MPs. That’s why she won’t win.
      Johnson is shifty but he will get through precisely because he is shifty
      Tory MPs in general are shifty. He’s a reflection of their collective character. They think he will rat on his Brexiting promises and cut a deal.

      Rudd is dubious and prefers the Leaver Hunt. He is shifty too and has shifted magically from one side to another, without any convincing explanation, except the obvious one that he’s desperate for Downing Street.
      Rudd is 100% confident he’s lying and will be back on her side, the Wreck-Brexit side, as soon as he wins, but he will not win.


    • Gavin Crane 18:35 on June 11, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Rudd is bad but not stupid.
      She must have known those hefty young aliens she let into Britain were neither ‘refugees’ or ‘children.’
      Did you see the latest about the ‘migrant minors’ in Sweden? https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2019/06/10/90-per-cent-of-moroccan-minor-migrants-in-sweden-are-adults/
      Nine out of ten are adults? And the authorities never noticed?
      If we say this is not credible, that the Rudds in Sweden and Germany and France have been deliberately turning a blind eye to lying desperadoes and worse, then we will be told we are playing ‘conspiracy theories.’
      But if we point out that the people who accuse us are serving a cultural marxist programme?
      Oh, cultural marxists don’t exist, that’s another conspiracy theory.



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