Don’t Go Postal – Patriots Need To Organise…Their Postal Votes!

Confused by my headline?

Going postal is an American English slang phrase referring to becoming extremely and uncontrollably angry…so says Wikipedia.

angry face

As with so much American slang, the phrase has crossed the Atlantic, but – unlike some sore losers heard among the disappointed Brexit Party ranks – I am not going to express anger at the Peterborough result…

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…although I must express dismay at the foolishness of two Labour councillors in that city, whose gloating remarks  –

“I would say the Muslim vote played a vital role in Lisa Forbes’s success…”



 – can only stoke ‘Islamophobia.’.


Instead, I am hoping that every patriot blog, all pro-Brexit social media, will carry something similar to what you see below.

Nothing about getting a postal vote is difficult – the Labour victory this month was simply due to their experience in tracking and recording reliable voters in the area…

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…then making sure they got the necessary forms AND got them filled in correctly!


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