Hong Kong Tonight – A Glimpse Of Britain’s Tomorrow?

What horrific scenes on our tv screens, hundreds of thousands of righteously angry citizens confronting politicised police as Hong Kong’s legislators sell out a population they plainly do not represent!

Power to the People!

Has anyone in the United Kingdom felt a shiver, a sense of how that righteous rage may soon need to be replicated at, or indeed against, the Palace of Westminster?


There too, in the UK, those in power have declared their readiness openly to despise democracy.

A pusillanimous parliament has – albeit narrowly – approved a pre-emptive back-stab, binding ANY British Government locked in confrontation with the Brussels Empire.


clean break


That classic betrayal, ruling out a Clean-Break Brexit, clearly hands victory to Britain’s enemies.

If you’re told you MUST reach a deal, that you may not walk away, then that makes it plain, to whomsoever you’re negotiating with…



….in this case the arrogant European ruling class, that they have a free hand to impose WHATEVER deal they think fit, subject only to however the twisted minds of the ECJ may interpret its terms and conditions.

I hope when the Brexit crunch comes, as it will, sooner rather than later, the British people will match the fury and the courage we see in Hong Kong.