BBC -Monkey Jokes Get You Fired, Acid Attack Jokes? No Prob!

It was only weeks ago that a comedian whose name I can’t even remember was purged by the BBC  Humour Commissars for a joke in which a monkey pic was prominent.

BBC Panders To Pinko Pukes, Fires Man Over ‘Monkey’ Joke! 

It was not an outstandingly funny joke, but it had all manner of uptight ‘racism’ whiners…




….and pinko creeps, shrilly throwing tantrums.

So out the door with the poor joker for his poor joke.

But when an ugly ( and often un-funny) fanatical socialist ‘comedienne’ chunders out a ‘joke’ about throwing acid at people she ‘hates?’

Well, yes I would say that but that’s because certain unpleasant characters are being thrown to the fore and they’re very, very easy to hate…

Image result for jo brand

hate media.

….and I’m kind of thinking: ‘Why bother with a milkshake when you could get some battery acid?’


Does Jo Brand get dumped by the BBC!?





It’s just a ‘joke’ and Nigel Farage should curb his indignation.

One expects no better from Brand, BUT…



But the biased bigots of the BBC?

Their double standards show them up for what they are!