The Wrong Kind Of Muslim? Salim Vetoed By Truthophobic Tories!

Professor Salim Mansur is a distinguished academic and a principled Muslim.


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Yet Canada’s Conservative Party in-crowd has vetoed his adoption as a parliamentary candidate!

You can watch a video interview with Prof. Mansur, in which he discusses the situation – here’s the link..

Honest Tories are stunned by Party leader Scheer’s spineless conduct. When you’d think a patriotic, pluralist Muslim might be the perfect choice to advance the fight against Justin Turdo’s despicable record…

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Justin Turdo                                                      Killer Khadr

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…you have to ask what’s going on.

You can read about some of the questions that the weakling weasel Tory Andrew Scheer…

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Weasel Scheer

….is being – and needs to be – asked, by using this link, here.

And here’s a sample of Salim Mansur’s writing, which is pretty darned good.

Trudeau has displayed an eagerness to indict episodes from Canadian history as shameful when judged by contemporary standards and apologize for them, he has refused to indict returning ISIS fighters for crimes against humanity and put them on trial.



Instead, Trudeau and his Liberal Party have eagerly reached out to apologists of the Muslim Brotherhood and other related organizations among Muslims in Canada, and by adopting Motion 103 on Islamophobia has indicated that appeasement of Islamists is one of the key planks of his domestic and foreign policy.